Ian Harland’s Presets+ Mini Editing Course

Over the past few years I've been carefully developing presets to yield beautiful tones and to save time when editing. The presets range from subtle to heavy adjustments made for very specific scenarios. This pack has been tried out using Nikon, Canon, Sony and iPhone cameras and works similarly using all cameras. Use the sliders below to see how these presets effect the pictures. In addition to presets, your purchase would come with a Mini Editing Course and an installing guide.

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-Compatible with Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom 7.3/ above

Alpine Daybreak V3 (3 versions)

Go to preset for sunrises and sunsets at mountains and lakes.

Portrait V1 (2 versions)

Crispy and colourful with rich skin tones.

Rainbow Slurpee V1 (2 versions)

Vibrant and subtle preset that can be used as a soft yet punchy one click preset or a base to edit from. This one is my favorite!

Wilcox V1 (2 versions)

This preset works perfectly for the great outdoors. Filmy tones with earthy shadows.

Rainbow Slurpee V2 (2 versions)

Brings out colours while still keeping it natural.

BONUS preset!: Fire

Yes there’s a bonus preset! That makes 20 in total. This one is on the surreal side making greens a vibrant orange and all of the colours come alive. Not for everyone but it can be fun to mess with reality a bit.

Editing Tips & Tricks

Editing Tips & Tricks

A crash course illustrating how to use the presets, the relationship of light and color, the effects of split toning and the power of selective adjustments. All of these topics are accompanied with how you can adjust the presets to get exactly what you want.

Rainbow Slurpee preset+ Tips from Course

In addition to using a preset, multiple other techniques were used which are all detailed in the course.


Showcases the warm while squashing the cool tones.


Made for foggy days, this is the perfect preset to give the picture a cool tone. It’s also great for instagram :)

Dark Forest V1 (2 versions)

Perfect for pictures in the forest when you want deep greens. Though not recommended for other situations, it can sometimes give interesting results.

Dark Forest V2 (2 versions)

Keeps gloomy greens with filmy tones but the second version can be used in more situation.

Everest V2 (3 versions)

Desaturated and moody with differing intensities for different versions.

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Thanks for taking the time to look through my presets. I hope you invest in these tools to elevate your photography to the next level.